About Ashley Walters

Actor and rapper Ashley Walters (aka Asher D) was born on the 30th June 1982. At the tender age of 6 it did not take long for the young Ashley to be spotted while attending the Sylvia Young School of Performing Arts. There, he concentrated primarily on his acting skills which stemmed and nurtured his passion for a career in entertainment. As he grew, Ashley began to mould his craft and emerge as the performer we know today, not only securing roles in a number of West End productions and TV shows from The Bill, to London’s Burning, and Grange Hill, but also in the BBC film Storm Damage.

Branching out to new horizons, Ashley adopted a love for music at the same time as formulating his acting career, and at 18 the world saw his infectious musical flow as he produced music with the infamous collective, So Solid Crew. His ability to combine music, TV and film gave Ashley a universal appeal expanding his popularity after the release of his first solo album Street Sibling.

However, it was the success of the film Bullet Boy, soon after he starred in the National Theatre Production Sing Your Heart Out for the Lads, that boosted Ashley’s image and marked him as a respected actor. The film’s success thrust Ashley into the spotlight as one of the film industry’s leading young talents which saw him win a British Independent Film Award (BIFA) for best newcomer.
Ashley raised the bar and moved to different levels when he landed a role in the Hollywood blockbuster Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and then onto Stormbreaker, from which he received many plaudits.

From here, Ashley became an unstoppable force filming constantly. He starred in the British film ‘Life and Lyrics,’ as well as lead roles in films WAZ and Sugarhouse, and the BBC hit series Hustle. Through his busy lifestyle of filming, Ashley still found the time to put together exclusive material in the studio, recording the electrifying albums The Appetiser, and the popular Ashley Walters.

Tuesday, 5 Days, Bedlam, Outcasts, and Small Island, saw Ashley acting once again at his finest and giving him the utmost exposure across the field of media.
With the release of the films Anuvahood, Sket, and Demons Never Die, 2011 has been an exciting year for Ashley, epitomising a successful career.

Ashley intends on completing two independent movies in 2012 while fans can enjoy the launch of the BBC dramas Love Life and Inside Men, as well as the British film St. George’s Day.

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AD82 Logo

AD82 Productions

AD82 is the innovative production company for underground artists run by Ashley Walters. Unrivalled by any other production company, AD82 gives their urban artists what they need – uncompromising exposure and success, not bound by the moulding of commercial nature we see in so many artists today. The AD82 artists are different – becoming the future of untapped music. What gives AD82 the power over any other production company is that it is run by someone who understands the music business inside and out, run by someone who has first-hand experience into what makes a relatively unknown artist, a rising star. With Ashley’s invaluable knowledge, AD82 relates to both artists and their audience. AD82 installs confidence into all artists under their wing by enabling them to stay true to the music they create from the heart. Ashley goes beyond just supporting his artists; he transforms them into self-sufficient artists who have greater control over their career.

AD82 is all about change and is rapidly growing in an area that remains unharnessed. Recognised by a variety of artists, producers, technicians and DJ’s, Ashley’s AD82 has established a professional reputation focused to supporting positive artist development. Keen to unleash new talent, AD82 means opportunity for young talent from the urban music stable.

AD82 stems from Ashley’s passion for music and for the new generation who are effortlessly grasping the underground music that Ashley has so much belief in. Staying true to a no-negativity approach, Ashley ensures that AD82 work to re-define the concept “urban” which has become synonymous with negative concepts of living and experience.

AD82 is the only company that stands firm behind underground artists, and is the only place for ambitious urban artists to be. With extraordinary managing ability to the highest quality – demonstrated by Ashley’s success in the business of the eager entertainment market, AD82 will without a doubt provide a platform for dedicated new talent. AD82 are here to make an impact and quench the thirst of artists seeking an alternative to the current market. Ashley has prided himself with AD82’s ability to put his artists’ talent on the shelves and into the hands of their fans. Throughout Ashley’s career he has made unprecedented relationships built across the industry of music, film and TV, which have enabled him to further develop his artists across all spectrums. He is the backbone to attracting and promoting AD82 ventures. Not only has Ashley got a range of music and film credits to his name, he continues to generate media and fan interest wherever he goes. Ashley is an industry leader who has made AD82 fiercely independent for underground talent, promoting artists through live PA’s, gigs, collaborations, recording in studios, videos, album covers, merchandise and much more with a determination to draw attention to each artist across the country.

AD82 respects each artist managed as individuals who have artistic freedom to grow. AD82 gives a voice for a genre that has been pushed to the side and instead pushes the boundaries to put this genre back into the spotlight.

Underground artists with a raw talent will be professionally cut with the support of AD82 and both artist and AD82 work collaboratively to drive forward the publicity and direction of the company in a way that exposes AD82’s artists without exploiting them. Ashley has a strong commitment to his community and heritage, giving him the inspiration to nurture urban artists with a salient approach to widen the appeal of underground music across the urban scene.

2012 will see AD82 thriving in new exciting projects, marking AD82 as a sought after brand for underground music and the only production company that will gauge market appetite. AD82 will capitalize on a market where there is a demand for new, young talent grown up from the underground scene, not manufactured.